- The business marketing 

- The behavior of consumer


-Industrial marketing

 -Relationship marketing 

-Marketing and social networks

 -Marketing in cyberspace 

-Neuro marketing

-Managing the relationship with customer

 -International marketing and exports

-International Trade

 -Sales Management

-Negotiation’s Management

 -Strategic management

And other issues related to business management and marketing

- Financial and Accounting Management

- Research Challenges of Accounting and Management 

-Accounting and Management Approaches 

-New Issues of Financial and Accounting Management in the world 

-Financial Marketing

- Professional Moral in Accounting & Financial Management 

-Financial Engineering

 -Governmental and Industrial Accounting 

- Financial and Monetary Markets

 -Advanced Investment Management

And other issues related to Financial and Accounting Management 

- Governmental Management

-Human Resources Management

-Organizational Evolution

 - Strategic Management 

- Human Resources Management 

-Policy Making 

- New Governmental Management

-Organizational Moral

-Adaptive and Developmental Management 

- Electronic Government

 - Educational Management

 And other issues related to Governmental Management 

- Industrial and System Management 

Technology,Research and Development Management 

-Mining and Exploration of Science

-Supply Chain Management

 -Production and Operation Management

- Production without Factory

-Simulation of Structure Principle

- System Dynamics

-Industrial Units’ Planning

-Factory Management 

-Theories of decision making 

And other issues related to industrial management 

- Entrepreneurship 

 -Entrepreneurship in Tourism 

-Individual Entrepreneurship

 -Organizational Entrepreneurship 

-Social Entrepreneurship 

- New business

-Technology Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship

- Leadership in Entrepreneurship

 -Development Solutions of innovation culture in organizations

 -Development barriers of individual and organizational creativity

- Current Challenges in the development of innovative and entrepreneur organizations

 -Islamic entrepreneurship 

And other issues related to entrepreneurship 

- Economics 

- Economics of Agricultural 

- Economics Management

-Business Economics 

-Public and State Economics 

-Resources Economics

New approaches in the Global Economy 

Global Economy 

Industrial Accounting

Governmental Accounting

 Audit Accounting 


 And other issues related to Economics


 Economic development 

Tourism Development

Education development

Agriculture development

Industry Development 

International relationship development

Political Development

Social Development

Cultural Development

Occupation and Entrepreneurship Development

-Gross National and Domestic Production

-Investment Development

- Assessing the development plans

-Domestic and Abroad Investment

-Development,policy making,planning and management

-Policy making in the development of country

-Pathology of plans in the Industry Development 

-Chances and challenges of development in the future perspective of industry in Iran

-Assessing the potentials and capabilities of the industry in the stable development of country 

Assessment of Development Plans at Local,National,and Regional Levels

 Importance and role of building the Infrastructures in Development

 Adaptive Studies of Development Policies in the world

 Globalization and Development Process 

Consideration of Interagency Coordination in the Development 

 Role of Human Resources in the Development 

The role and effect of management in development 

The role of government in the development 

 The Role of Trusted Organizations In the development 

The mutual role and impact of security on the development 

The role of private sectors and organizations in the implementation 

Urgent strategies for the development 

Human resources and education along with the development 

Tourism and sustainable development 

Globalization and development process

Infrastructures for the development 

Rural development 

And other related fields